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"HABITA: innovate the present, inhabit the future

On the occasion of the inauguration of Genesi House, Insane Design was present with its “Melt” Ice Buckets in a weekend dedicated to the world of interiors, where GENESI will reconfigure its spaces to accommodate the most interesting and current experiments in the world of interior design and interior decoration. There were meetings with professionals and creators who are producing innovation in this fascinating and varied world, but also activities where you can touch and learn the best techniques and solutions to furnish living spaces.
Insane Design @ Iseo Lake 03.2018
We are here! Its only Design (But I like it) at Palazzo dei Trecento Treviso center during the IL Design Fa Rumore. Connex x2 a sharing desk for open spaces or to work at home. The cable management hub allows keeping your devices connected from a single point. All parts are customizable in different colors and materials allowing you to have a unique desk.

Il Design Fa Rumore
1-4th March
Palazzo di Trecento - Treviso
Connex Desk @ Il Design Fa Rumore 03.2018
Connex showcase its sharing working station at  MCBW START UP - Creative Demo Night. People came an experience our desk solutions for open spaces and co-working areas. Featuring a Timeless, adaptable and constantly customizable solutions. A desk experience that attracts you in and keeps you there for meeting the specific needs and demands of the everyday workspace.

6th March
Muffathalle - München
Connex Desk @ MCBW - Munich 03.2018
Introducing the new Ice Bucket, Melt is the timeless elegance and will serve as the perfect piece to highlight a true wine or premium beverage, with a rich and real character. Inspired by the melting process of the ice, when transfers its coolness to the bottle and transform its form into unique shapes every time.

Design by Eduardooterorodriguez

We are officially launching the product in Dubai come and visit us at the World Trade Centre IndexDubai,

Index Exhibition Dubai Stand VD33
Ventura project Dubai
March 26th -29th 2018
Dubai World Trade Centre
Insane Design @ Index Dubai 03.2018
Insane was present at the Milan Design Market an exclusive sales channel for the Isola Design District. Presenting the Melt Ice Bucket with the luxury collection of Stain Steel, Golden plastic and Black plastic.
Insane Design @ Milan Design Week 04.2018
The Job Center branch located on via Melchiorre Gioia, 35 (c/o Palazzo Regione Lombardia) hosted the project Connex desk by Eduardo Otero Rodríguez, a talented designer who uses a human approach that is best suited to satisfy people’s needs, always looking for functional and emotional connections between men and design objects.

His desk fully embodies a new way of living the working space, within open areas dedicated to co-working activities; a new philosophy that has been adopted by the most advanced companies in recent years.

It is anchored to a working model which allows freelance professionals and creatives to share spaces and skills, while building dynamic networks of relationships and potential business opportunities in highly positive environments, favourable to transferring know-how
Connex Desk @ Milan Design Week 04.2018
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