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The label feels seamlessly integrated into the bottle, with a beautiful abstract background and a geometrical body perfect for gripping.

The new beverage will become a unique design, with a strong personality ready to engaged a new generation of consumers.
Having both industrial and visual design with a holistic approach working in tandem. The design defines tones to add dimension and visual interest with a stylish color palette. From there the new label is designed into simple shapes and active unidirectional stripes to create a visual language that integrates the brand across with the bottle shape and naming.
- The new design brings a modern look to the new brand making an emotional connection with the consumers. Giving a unique personality through the positioning, story, and subsequently every touch point, from the logo, labels, to the bottle with a unified design language.
Design language
Design oportunity
- The urban beverage market is moving to
more conscious offers. Where needs to converge healthily, lifestyle and coolness are in high demand to engage with consumers. The functional beverage needs to positioning, focusing on the beverage’s quality and unique design building equity on the brand.
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Functional beverage
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