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Design customization
Design engineering
- The whole product keeps simple lines allowing to have a clean product on eyes and in use. The smooth materials allow to reduce the fatigue during the use.
- The center lock system captures the attention on the object and intuitive shows how the product works.
- The utensil has a minimalistic, moulded expression, which still clearly conveys their function.
a tool for the nature inspired by nature
- Gardener is a new pruner device designed with an eye on an emotional design language. Takes an everyday utensil and given an aesthetic boost.
Design language
Design oportunity
- What is it the context? Pruners are used to trim and shape plants. Pruning shears generally won’t cut through anything that’s over 0.5 inches in diameter. Pruners normally has a strong technical language which confirms the performance but doesn’t give an emotional design language to a daily basis tool.
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Cutting geantly