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Dual flow system: Rain or Fall
Multifunction panel
Friendly UX
- A led ring provides a direct feedback of the water temperature combined with the touch screen information.
Tactile surface regulates the temperature & Water volume
- Falls is a practical and stylish faucet made of stainless steel and comes in eight different surface finishes to fit in any modern bathroom environment.
A sensor activates the water flow once the hands are below the ring
- The result a minimalist, characterful faucet with a soft column shape that ends in a circle, welcoming the hands for a pleasant refreshment moment. The product design is meant to be iconic, an inner ring surface allows to adjust the temperature and the water volume with a soft circle tactile touch.
Design language
- Faucets are common products in our life to keep us clean, how to re-imagine the future of washing our hands with a unique experience.
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Water flowing naturally