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More visible to people around and more integrated with nature.
Multiple vivid colors as flower pistils
Design customization
Design in context / Placed on grass
Design in context / Hanging on Trees
Holes Dispenser
Filter to regulate the dose
Syrup Container up to 2L mix
The devices integrate a tracking module with a Temperature & Humidity sensor, Pressure sensor, Accelerometers & gyroscopes sensors.

This allows to record information like the position, the air conditions and the acoustics. Which makes the device a complementary tool for the beehive, to make smarter decisions, plan and organize the operations by the beekeeper.
Easy screw closure system with 1 rotation for good sealing  
Rope to hang the device from trees  
Design engineering
- The new Bee Feeder is a unique design, with a strong personality ready to provide a more professional tool for the beekeepers.
- The devices integrate an IOT tech. with a sensor that can keep a full management of the beehive, tracking the health and productivity of the bee colonies by showing the data via a smartphone or web-based platforms.
- Bee is a new syrup feeder designed with an eye on an nature design language. With a modern look, simple, functional and practical device to keep bees populated.
Design language
Design oportunity
Non-standard containers
How to make more professional and friendly the device?
Unrelated design language
Messy dispenser
Tiny holes
Improvised bases
Different types of bottles are used to contain the syrup mix without a control
The neutral white color and standard use of buckets make difficult for people around to identify a bee feeder, which makes it a dangerous device.
The improvised holes around the lid create a no-hygienic area and make look old the system.
Small access holes in the container make the bees to get captured on the system, making difficult for them to fly out.
The bases are adapted to the different jar sizes in order to allow a space between for feeding the bees with the syrup, however, they don’t look professional.
- A device that helps to populate the bees in the
countryside. Optimizing the syrup dosses, being
friendly with the environment and making more natural the process for the bees and the people surrounding.
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