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- Inspired by the beauty of the local nature, the design is perfectly integrated with the environment.
- When the tank is full and if the collector is overfull, the water is distributed by an exhaust pipe to the surrounding fields avoiding water stagnation.
- The water is collected at a higher level to avoid contamination which is distributed directly to the storage tanks after having been treated with the carbon filter.
- The system can be installed to harvest water for a single house or as a harvest water parks for a small community.
- The water is sterilized by the carbon filter connected at the end of the distribution pipe.
- The core idea is to collect directly the rainwater cycling for the consumption of a family of max. four persons, taking advantage of the tropical climate.
Design language
- The challenge of the design is to raise the awareness of preserving and harvesting water in a safely manner.
Non potable water
Stagnant water
Contamination risk
Children consume non filter water in old bottles.
The water is collected without any filtering process or treatment.
The black and gray waters are exposed to the environment.
Enviroment research
Enviroment without aqueduct
Improvised water collectors
The families collect the water from the roof, made of hazard materials like asbestos.
Water is canalized with old bottles and pipes with a high contamination risk.
Design oportunity
- Aqua in Situ is a sustainable design inspired by the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. The design aim is to supply water for poor people in Southern Colombia where a water management system does not exist.
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Agua in Situ
collect water from the rain